Why We Are Here

November 2, 2016

This day and time if you don't blog; it seems you are behind the times!


Blogging has been a topic of discussion in our marketing meetings off and on for a while now. The best way to relay your company purpose is to share stories of real life experiences that people can relate to. Like sitting down and enjoying a cup of coffee with a friend who has knowledge on a topic that you don't.


How does what I have experienced benefit someone else?


What can I share to make this process easier for someone else?


Our company mission statement is a perfect foundation for a blog - 


"Tile Restoration is a flooring industry resource that strives to improve facility appearance and reduce maintenance costs by using consultative conversations to build a strong relationship with our clients."


With that being said, we would like to provide our visitors with solid information based on years of experience and knowledge in the flooring industry. Come along as we explore different scenarios and solutions that we have learned over time to be tried and true methods to solve the problems our clients have in their facilities. 


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