Frequently Asked Questions

Tile Restoration Inc. answers frequently asked questions about the SoyStep Epoxy and SaniGLAZE tile and grout restoration processes.


Do I have to tear out my old floor?

No, you don’t have to tear out the floor. We can apply the SoyStep Epoxy over almost all existing floors.


Can I apply the SaniGlaze or epoxy myself?

No. These products are applied by licensed installers to ensure the quality of products. Both SaniGlaze and SoyStep Epoxy come with a warranty only when applied by licensed contractors.


Does (either process) make the floor slippery?

Both SaniGlaze and epoxy floors meet American Disabilities Act (ADA) standards. Plus, when you apply SoyStep Epoxy, we can add no-slip particles to give the floor even more grip.


Can I change the color of the tile with SaniGlaze?

Yes with our SaniMAX C product we are able to perform the ChromaGLAZE System to change the color of the tile surface. 


When can I get back on the floor?

Typically, your staff can be back to work on the floor in four hours with SaniGlaze and eight hours with Phoenix SoyStep Epoxy. If you run heavy equipment on the floor, we recommend a curing time of 72 hours.


Do you steam clean or pressure wash the grout and tile?

No. SaniGLAZE is a multi-step environmentally-friendly chemical process that cleans and prepares the tile and grout substrate for restorative bonding.


How much does the SaniGLAZE process cost?

The cost depends on the size, scope and difficulty of the job. Your professional service provider will perform the SaniGLAZE procedure on a small test area of the tile and grout to determine what the cost will be.

Is the SaniGLAZE process guaranteed?

SaniGLAZE restoration service offers an extended warranty option. Wonder how often to reseal tile and grout? Forget it! This warranty option can remain in effect as long as you adhere to the EverGLAZE Extended Protection Plan prescribed for your surfaces by certified SaniGLAZE professionals. Satisfaction guaranteed! Advance appearance and sanitation beyond belief and no more worries about how to clean grout or tile.