Phoenix Epoxy System

Phoenix Epoxy System Installation Benefits


  • Cost Effective – One Step Application / No Primer Needed / No Need to Remove Existing Flooring
  • Odorless During and After Installation
  • Meets Green Building Standards / DOD & USDA Approved
  • Completely Seamless & Waterproof Floors, Baseboards and Walls / Minimal Maintenance Required
  • Stain & Fire Resistant / Crack & Delamination Resistant
  • Large Array of Color Options / Custom Colors Available
  • Slip Resistant / Any Desired Amount of Anti Slip can be added
  • Professionally Certified Installers
  • Tested and Certified by US Military (Mil-Spec) / Used Exclusively by US Coast Guard & US Navy


Note: Additional performance characteristics and physical properties can be provided under separate cover.                                           

Color Chart

Rickles Brown   Salt & Pepper   Honey Brown   Antigua Brown   Spec Brown
Wright's Brown   Starlight Blue   Black Cherry   Charcoal   Greyhound
Kitchen Red   Emerald Green   Alpine Green   Charcoal Blue   Canyon Red
Midnight Black   Hi-Tech Red   Truman Blue   Twilight Blue    

PT 103

Rickles Brown

PT 122

Wright's Brown

PT 107

Honey Brown

PT 109

Antigua Brown

PT 110

Spec Brown

PT 603

Starlight Blue

PT 635

Charcoal Blue

PT 673

Truman Blue

PT 679

Twilight Blue

PT 617


PT 106

Salt & Pepper

PT 611


PT 652

Midnight Black

PT 622

Emerald Green

PT 624

Alpine Green

PT 606

Black Cherry

PT 621

Kitchen Red

PT 647

Canyon Red

PT 667

Hi-Tech Red