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The Process Depends on Your Floor


Better than new tile. This complete restoration process is used for tile and grout flooring with smaller tighter grout lines and includes extraction of contaminanats, glazing grout lines and shielding the surface to prevent re-absorptionof contaminants.


This restoration process is used typically for tile and grout flooring with wider grout lines and includes extraction of contaminants, a non pourous grout coating that prevents reabsorptionof contaminants with a natural textured look and feel.


Stay in the CLEAN ZONE with our EverGLAZE Maintenance Process.  The Clean Zone is achieved after the initial SaniGLAZE process is completed and enables surfaces to be maintained affordably and reliably with green , environmentally friendly products. EverGLAZE ensures surfaces remain in the Clean Zone. Protect your investment and enhance your SaniGLAZE Restoration Service with the EverGLAZE Maintenance Program.


Sanitizing your floor for a fresher look plus a protective shield is applied to repel moisture and retards odors and soiling.


An extraction process that removes contaminants and mineralized matter from tile and grout and leaves you with a more sanitary look.