Thanks for all you do for the Seminary!!

"Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary has been a customer of Tile Restoration Company for several years now. Their service has been great, Brad is great to deal with, always willing to go the extra mile to get the job done and the employees always show up on time. The quality of their work is great and I would recommend Tile Restoration, Inc. for your next job."



William Teague

Facility Construction Manager

Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary

Wake Forest, NC 27588


Your company was punctual and communicative, and they completed the job as described with amazing results

"After searching the Internet and reading about the SaniGLAZE process for tile restoration, coupled with the savings that this process would bring, I was immediately interested.  I spoke with their representative, particularly stressing our concerns about the appearance and cleanliness of the restroom floors in our high school gymnasium.  The floors, though cleaned nightly, still had a dirty, aged look.  After hearing his explaination of the cleaning and sealing process, I wanted to see a demonstration to confirm and to test their claims.  I had some reservations concerning the restoration process; but after seeing the demonstration, it was evident that the process works and would drastically change the cleanliness and appearance of these restroom floors.


The result was fantastic, and it looks like a new floor.  The original color of the tiles was brought back to life and with fresh grout lines, these floors are impressive.  They are easy to clean and maintain, so I plan to use the SaniGLAZE tile restoration process in our other facilities as well.


I appreciate you and Tile Restoration, Inc., Mr. McGrath.  During the restoration process, your company was punctual and communicative, and they completed the job as described with amazing results.  In a nutshell, they gave us a new floor at a fraction of the cost."



Sam Brenneman, Manager

Bob Jones University Maintenance Department



Brad, your crew did an EXCELLENT JOB!

The whole floor has never looked better and there is no evidence that the original salad bar was ever there….SIMPLY AMAZING!

Your floor treatment will compliment the appearance of the new salad when it is installed this afternoon.


Dan Cantu

Food & Nutrition Services, Director

Wilson Medical Center






Your dedication to customer satisfaction is evident in your relationship with me and this facility.

I am the Director of Housekeeping in a retirement community that has 483 residents. Part of my job is making sure everything gets cleaned on the inside of the resident’s homes. My department is responsible for cleaning every building on campus whether it is in the Health Center or out in the independent living community.We have both private and public restrooms which have tile and grout flooring and walls in the showers.


Tile Restoration Inc performs The SaniGLAZE Restoration Process in our Health Center and Assistance Living Buildings. Compared to the way our floors and showers looked before Tile Restoration worked on them, to after, it is a miracle! We get compliments from visitors all the time about how good the results are after the work is completed.  I truly agree with everything that is said about how good you are with the work you do.


I have never gotten a complaint from any of the residents or, staff about your work. Nothing but praise from all. It is very important to have flexibility when working in an elderly care home. Your dedication to customer satisfaction is evident in your relationship with me and this facility. You have done everything that I have asked and it is appreciated very much.  


Thank You,

Denah Alston-Taylor

Carol Woods Retirement Facility 

Director of Housekeeping, Laundry & Home Services



An Epic Install .. Literally

July 9, 2014


I am pleased to let you know that we accept your quote to re-apply Epic Urethane here at our Kinston location. We have remodeled our showroom, and given the fact that the product has endured so well since you applied it in 2008, we have decided to proceed with the re-application process. Thank you for recommending Epic Urethane. It has performed as promised! We routinely have customers bringing in parts that are dripping a variety of fluids that would be detrimental to any acrylic finish. Epic Urethane has withstood all the foot traffic, as well as the various chemical agents that we commonly encounter in the automotive parts business, such as hydraulic fluid, gasoline, and diesel fuel. Aside from a couple of discolored spots caused by battery acid (I don’t know of any product that stands up well to that!), the finish is in very good condition for 6 years of abuse. We are in the business of selling auto parts, not the floor cleaning business. The simple maintenance process you outlined for us (just mopping with warm water-no waxes or cleaning agents) has been very effective and has cut down on man hours dedicated to floor cleaning. Epic Urethane has definitely saved us time & money over its lifespan, versus having acrylic finishes applied monthly (sometimes twice a month) and then stripped & re-applied quarterly. Any business with similar needs should consider this product. Thank you and we look forward to doing business with you once again.



Stuart Beaman, Mgr.

Kinston Auto Parts

820 W. Vernon Ave

Kinston, NC 28501

(252)523-3151 phone